It's been a month since Miles We Put Behind

Miles We Put Behind was released exactly a month ago, and the time has flown by. I took the weekend to take a breath, and found myself reflecting on this whole experience. 

It’s been so re-affirming and exciting for me to see the positive reception of this album – from radio spins (thank you CBC, CKUA, CJSW and campus radio across the county), to the amount of people enjoying it (over 6,000 listeners on Spotify last month – I do have a big family… but I think that means I’ve branched out, right?)

But more importantly – I’m extremely thankful. It takes a lot of people to help an idea to come to life - it’s been an undertaking and I am constantly feeling amazed by the people surrounding me that have made it happen. From the community of musicians across this country, joining me in the studio or on stage or sending me notes of encouragement – it’s amazing to me how this community comes together to support each other. To my friends and fans who filled the rooms on my tour, shared my music and voted on CBC Top 20…  And of course my team, SpinCount and Susan Busse have done a great job attracting media and radio charting. 

If you haven’t had a chance to listen yet – you can access here:  or send me a message if you want me to mail out a CD or Vinyl copy. 

I’ll be taking a bit of time off the road to welcome a new little Buckley, but looking forward to getting back for some more musical adventures in the New Year (and sharing a new really cool music video soon!)

In the meantime - here is a 60 second video that captures this experience: